HANSTOOLS® - Quality tools made from professionals for professionals 

HANSTOOLS is a partnership of leading manufacturers from Taiwan. Certified according DIN EN ISO 9001 steady production process is ensured for your highest demands.

Perhaps you already worked with our products because worldwide famous brands let produce in Taiwan with just their own label. Hence there is now risk buying HANSTOOLS. You only save your budget and have a reliable partner for Europe in Germany.

Customer’s advantages on a spot:

  • HANSTOOLS® is manufacturer and not just a label
  • More than 40 years experience and certified
  • Premium finishing and own patents
  • Flexibility is one of our strength: Your need a tool set altered? No problem, we change the items according your requests.
  • Instantly shipping
  • Reasonable prices

Advantages for our partners on a spot:

  • Quick delivery without additional fees on shipping costs
  • No minimum quantity requests
  • Direct shipping to your customers in urgent cases. Customer’s and area protection is a matter of course and on request by contract as well
  • Low stockholding for you. That’s our business

Whatever you like to repair - trust HANSTOOLS

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